Onigiri Fluffy Keychain

Onigiri Fluffy Keychain


Show off your love for one of Japan’s tastiest and most convenient snacks with a fluffy chenille keychain!

Onigiri (お握り) are Japanese snacks made of seasoned white rice, pressed into triangular or circular balls, and fully or partially wrapped in a sheet of nori seaweed. They are made with many different types of fillings, including pickled umeboshi (plum), salmon, and tuna and mayonnaise. Onigiri are a popular on-the-go food due to their convenient design, and you can find them in nearly every convenience store in Japan.

This keychain is a double-sided chenille onigiri design with rose gold lobster clasp and keyring and would make the perfect addition to any bag, purse, or backpack! The onigiri measures 65mm x 75mm.

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